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Tolpuddle Housing Co-op

Affordable Housing in London Ontario, Canada

Tolpuddle Housing Co-operative

Tolpuddle is a community that offers affordable housing targeted to singles, couples, small families and students. 

Housing Co-ops are welcoming places where all members have the right to live with dignity, free from harassment and discrimination.

All Co-op members play an important role in making sure their co-op is a safe place to live. Housing Co-ops are encouraged to make sure their boards of directors reflect the diversity of their members – and that their members also reflect the diversity of the community.

Supporting diversity within housing co-ops is a priority for Canada’s co-operative housing movement.

Why the Name Tolpuddle - What is a Tolpuddle?

Tolpuddle was named after the "Tolpuddle Martyrs" who resided in Dorset, SW England.

Six labourers founded the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers' in 1833 to protest against the gradual lowering of agricultural wages. 

About Tolpuddle The Building

Tolpuddle has One Hundred and Thirty- two units. Among those units we have fourteen fully accessible units.

We have a unique look to Tolpuddle with eleven different layouts styles.

One tower and three podiums 

4 different addresses.

Tower - 380 Adelaide Street North.

Podium #1 - 652 King Street

Podium #2 - 656 King Street

Podium #3 - 654 King Street

Reach out to Tolpuddle fire victims.