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Tolpuddle Housing Co-op

Affordable Housing in London Ontario, Canada

Reaching out to the affected families of the fire 

If you are interested in helping out the victims of the Tolpuddle Fire with furniture, or any other house hold items please contact:

We are also accepting non-perishable food, clothing and toiletries.

Money donations are currently being accepted through our Gofundme page at:

On July 8, 2018 at 11:30 pm, Tolpuddle Housing Co-op experienced a devastating loss due to a fire. Currently we have 12 displaced families. Four families will be displaced for a longer period of time due to the fire. We are hoping that the remaining 8 will be able to return to their homes as soon as possible. We are in desperate need of any household and personal items or any gifts of cash to help these families get back on their feet.

Household or personal items could be dropped off to Tolpuddle Co-op housing.

Media Updates

facebook :

Please go to our Gofundme page

If you would like to donate any household items for the families who will be starting from scratch, please contact the Tolpuddle Victims Sub-committee at [email protected]

Tolpuddle Co-op Strong!

We appreciate all the love and support!

Thank you so much for the poring of love and support for the families in need. We are so grateful for each and every item collected.